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Thank you!!!
At first I thought UnderRecruited Preps was a little sketchy at first because of the price (extremely low compared to others) but when I signed up I had schools emailing me in a heartbeat. I recently just received my first offer from Lock Haven University and I couldn't be more grateful. They are also very helpful with any questions you may have about the recruiting process. Thank you!!!
Ayyub Dail
Easton Area High School
UnderRecruitedPreps is by far the most help that I've received in the recruiting process. The first night that I signed up, I had at least 10-15 schools wanting to offer scholarships and showed interest in me. My texts, emails, and calls were flooded with coaches from everywhere in the country. I'm glad that I found them because they have truly helped take my recruiting to the next level. They helped turn my dream of playing college football to a reality. I would give them 5 stars no doubt.
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North Webster High School
Southern Nazarene University (OK)
Best Recruiting Website
Before Under Recruited Preps I had hardly any schools looking at me, and now a little bit over 6 months later I have 10 offers and it's still going. Thank you Under Recruited Preps, I couldn't of done it without you!!
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Norman High School
Wayne State College
Under Recruited Preps is great! It really works, and it's not like any of those other recruiting sites just trying to take your money. I got tons of emails within two days of having it. I would recommend using this to everybody.
Alec Trujillo
San Joaquin Memorial
This Really Works!
I was seeing all of my friends getting recruited and I was not getting any interest. So I tried UnderRecruited Preps and now I have colleges showing me interest and all. I really think anyone who wants to get their name out there should do this immediately. I hope I get more coming soon!
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Plymouth High School
Slippery Rock University
Basketball Recruiting
I was a varsity basketball player on my high school team for 4 years and I had a big impact on that team as well as my AAU team and I was making a lot of noise and catching peoples eyes but was still under-recruited. I finally came across UnderRecruited Preps and they helped me a lot. I remember getting out of practice and checking my email having dozens and dozens of college coaches interested in me! I was excited and then found the one school that I fell in love with. That wouldn't have happened without UnderRecruited Preps.
Matthew Johnson
Hammond High School
Saint Vincent College
UnderRecruited Preps Works
UnderRecruited Preps is a very legit site that gave me a chance to get my name out there. It is a easy way to get recruited and is my #1 recommendation. The best recruiting site that I've used!
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Henry Sibley High School
St. Cloud State University
Best Recruiting Service
I've heard great things about UnderRecruited Preps but didn't believe until I signed up myself, within a couple hours I received interest from college coaches, expecting offers soon. Thank you!!
Garrick Ortiz Hubbard
North Garland High School
Sterling College
Basketball Recruiting
In just 1 day I had colleges contacting me. Under Recruited Preps helps and you will get noticed.
Taylor Kreger
Beachwood High School
Within two days of signing up on UnderRecruited Preps I had at least 20 college coaches saying they were interested in me. I was very skeptical coming in but soon realized UnderRecruited Preps is the real deal.
Ben VonGunten
Leo Junior Senior High School