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Submitted by underrecruited… on Wed, 10/03/2018 - 00:50
1.        How does the recruiting process work?   It will vary from school to school, program to program.   Some people get on and stay on people early and others not so much.  Some will send hard copy letters, some emails most by text and phone calls.  Some will be in constant contact others will give space.  It really goes back to the coaches personality.
2.       How should a recruit let you know they want to play  for you?   Tell us—don’t be afraid to reach out to us or let us know where we stand as we do the same on our end.  Send game film---as stats don’t really give the overall impact you could have on the game and highlight films are just not a good indication of what you can and cannot do.
3.       What coaches look for on visits-----again each coach is different—some really try to impress and roll out the red carpet treatment---some like to keep it low key and just see how people connect---is this recruit fitting in with our kids and staff and the school---trying too hard on either end is never a good thing---you want to be yourselves and genuine the entire time.
4.       When do you start looking identifying potential recruits?   Again depends on coach and program—It seems D1 are identifying super early---(way too early in my opinion—but the nature of the beast)  The lower levels probably not much outside jrs and sophomores ---remember they are waiting out the next higher level to see who is left out –honestly recruiting never ends you need to be ready at any time…
5.       College coach’s  are reaching out.  Now what?  Find out the schools you want to find out more about and potentially visit.  Don’t be afraid to tell coaches that you are not interested or no longer interested based on whatever feelings you have.   There is no need to waste anyone’s time.
6.       What advice do you have for HS player not getting much attention?  Don’t be afraid to reach out and send film –there are so many players out there it is very easy to go under the radar—also at the same time be realistic about what level you can play---find the right fit for you all around---go watch games and practices to find out if it is where you want to be.