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Submitted by underrecruited… on Sun, 10/28/2018 - 10:48

A: Although for each person the recruiting process is a little bit different. The first few steps are to narrow your college down to your top 5. Communicate with those coaches about coming to tour campus and possibly having a practice. From there you can apply to those schools and from there it goes pretty smoothly. 

A: If you want to let a school know about possibly wanting to play, for OPSU email just telling a little about yourself with attached film would be the easiest way for you to be seen. 

A: On an unofficial visit we show campus, facilities, show the girls, and let you watch practice/game. On an official visit we would have you go through practice (and weights if you come on that assigned weight day) and let you talk to the girls and feed you of course. 

A:  Just some ways to get a coach to call you is again in that email telling him or her as much about you as a person on and off the court and attached film as a highlight real. 

A: Due to coach and I arriving to campus short notice we recently started looking for 2019 recruits and some of 2020. 

A: If coaches are reaching out and you have looked at that school and are interested (make sure they have your desired degree plan also) keep in contact with them. We get busy so do not give up on them even when they take a month to reply. (again i am so sorry for replying so late)

A: My only advise for this question is that if playing volleyball is to not give up, you never know what may fall in your lap and it may be the perfect fit for you and your family.