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Submitted by underrecruited… on Mon, 11/12/2018 - 12:45
Q: How does the college recruiting process work?
Potential student-athletes reach out to universities through e-mail, video, resume, and references to get the attention of the colleges or they are seen at showcases/tournaments and the process begins. After an initial conversation, the student-athlete needs to take the SAT/ACT, apply to universities, attend ID Camps, and complete college visits before making their decision. There needs to be a mutual likeness between the college and the student-athlete.
Q: How should a recruit let you know he/she wants to play for your college/university?
A commitment to not only the soccer program but also the university shows us that their is a mutual likeness between the two parties and their is a desired fit for the next four years.
Q: What coaches look for on official and unofficial visits
The type of person, what they are looking for in a college, what their goals are in college, do they get along with the current players, how do they like the school.
Q: 8 ways to get a call from a College Coach
- Video
- Resume
- References
- Showcase/Tournament Play
- E-mail from the student-athlete
- Continued effort to get the college's attention
- Commitment
Q: When do you start identifying potential recruits?
I start identifying potential recruits their sophomore seasons, I begin developing relationships their junior season, and desire commitments their senior fall but always looking throughout their senior spring for undecided student-athletes.
Q: College coaches are reaching out. Now what?
Begin the relationship, ask questions, take visits, attend ID Camps with multiple schools, send schedules, use references, stay committed and persistent to keep college coaches interested and know that you care about playing at the next level.
Q: What advice do you have for a high school player not getting much attention from college coaches?
Never ever give up. If you give up, it makes it easy on the coaches. Continue to keep pushing and make visits and ask for a try-out. A lot of coaches miss out on players that could help their programs. Recruiting is hard at showcases because you have limited time to see a player, but if a player continues to work for an opportunity, it eventually will be rewarded.