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Submitted by underrecruited… on Tue, 10/23/2018 - 19:05

Q: How does the college recruiting process work?

We identify need areas and then actively and consistently recruit those areas.  Pitching is always #1 priority (2 ways are not a realistic opportunity at the college level, just look at rosters). We then have on campus visits to meet face to face and show what we have.  Email is usually the 1st contact point.


Q: How should a recruit let you know he/she wants to play for your college/university?

Contact the school of choice and ask for an unofficial visit and tour. They should be happy to oblige.  Be prepared on that visit to produce concise and edited video, and be realistic about your ability (if you hit 8 for your HS, Cal St Fullerton probably is not realistic, for example)


Q: What coaches look for on official and unofficial visits

Coaches look for good communication skills, eye contact, engagement and some knowledge.  IF you want to visit somewhere, know about who they are basically prior to visiting. Asking questions about playing time and roster sizes and promises are turn offs.


Q: When do you start identifying potential recruits?

 At a JC, we start the summer after the junior year in HS.  4 years are now starting in the frosh.


Q: College coaches are reaching out. Now what?

 1). Respond back to coaches immediately, don't wait 

2). Be honest, if you would never go there, tell them, don't string people out 

3). Ask what the next steps are  


Q: What advice do you have for a high school player not getting much attention from college coaches?

1). Don't fret, just be the best you can be  

2). If you’re good enough there is a home for you somewhere  

3). Worry and take care of your own self, that's all you can control. Avoid comparison and worrying about what other people are getting  

4). Have fun and do your best it's a short shelf life being a baseball player 


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